On the board that was finally finished there is a lot of very useful information about feminism.  As you can tell there’s 3 different waves, which had different goals which all centered around gaining equality. If you would like to have a conversation about what that means or how that looks feel free to knock on my door!

Dobson cupcake wars

Lance and I ran over to Dobson last Friday night and enjoyed some great tunes and free cupcakes! As anyone who was there can attest to,  Lance and I were the best team there. 

Porter poker night

Nate, Lance, and Noah all showed up to Porter Hall to enjoy a great night of poker!  Once we were refreshed on the rules the 1 east crew really cleaned house. Once Nate and Lance pooled their Porter bucks Lance won $75 to black cat tattoo, stay posted for what lance gets tattooed on him! 

Thursday Night Champion 

This week on 1 East Zack won the pool tournament! Having made it through many tough competitors Brian and Zack bested everyone who played them. Next week we’ll be playing a new game! 

Dunkin Diner

Lance and I enjoyed a meal from the McGregor staff and some music from elvis.  While there we talked about how unhealthy it is to eat chips and fries fire every meal, and while it’s okay in moderation everyone should strive to eat better in college. All in all it was a really great time and the milkshakes were phenomenal! 

Poker Night

On Thursday night we had an event with some of the other RA’s in the building and played a little Texas hold ’em. Chandler, Henry and Brent had never played poker before so Zack and I taught them the basics and  some playing styles. Henry adapted an aggressive style like Daniel Negreanu, betting at every pot. After getting a VERY lucky run Henry was the big winner taking down Zack to be the champion.

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