Reverse Tug

The reverse tug-of-war was hosted by the Melcher and Wilgus staffs! there was a lot of help provided by the guys of 1 East, and this event couldn’t have been done without them.


Torch Relay

To kick off the lighting of the M we had a 5k run in which Andrew and I participated in. It was a great night for a run and the M looked as majestic as ever!

House Decorations

Wilgus hosted WAM’s house decoration this year. It was pretty wild in the land before Platteville. A big thank you to Andrew for putting on the dinosaur costume and helping us get 1st place in house decorations! 

Yell like Hell

Andrew, Chandler, Shay, Jamie all had a good time at yell like hell supporting our volleyball team. The Volleyball team won the match 3-2, and our guys had a great time there.

Tug of war

Jaime, Andrew and I had a great time with some of the Wilgus ladies at tug of war! While we may not have won we sure did give it the old college try.

Laundry Day!

A nice new board was put up this Tuesday and was only briefly interrupted by the fire drill. Check it out for a simple walk through of how to do your laundry. 

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